Terms of Use

(Last update: February, 2019)

Before starting to use NumET, please read these Terms of Use carefully. The use of our service implies full acceptance of these terms and any updates.

There may be updates to these Terms of Use. Check them regularly.

This Term is written in English. NUME assumes no responsibility for any misunderstandings caused by automatic translation.

1- Rules of behavior

1. Good education and respect for other users is required. 2. Sharing useful information for medieval research is strongly encouraged. 3. The creation of roundtables for discussion on specific issues is strongly encouraged. 4. Spam, bad language and political messages are forbidden. 5. Messages considered to be unwanted or offensive are removed without notice.

2- Privacy and security

1. Each user is responsible for what he publishes. 2. NUME is not responsible in any way for the dissemination of sensitive data or information. 3. The sharing of sensitive information and data (sexual, religious, political orientation...) is discouraged: where possible, these will be removed. 5. The user who uses NumET undertakes to: do not post unauthorized commercial communications (eg spam); do not collect user content or information, or otherwise access NumET using automated tools (such as collection bots, robots, spiders or scraper) without prior authorization from us; do not take illegal multilevel marketing actions, such as pyramid schemes, etc.; do not upload virus or other harmful codes; do not attempt to obtain login information or access other users' accounts; do not give your login information to third party; do not denigrate, intimidate or annoy other users; do not publish miners, pornographic content, incitements to hatred or violence or images of naked or explicit or gratuitous violence; do not use NumET for illegal, deceptive, malicious or discriminatory purposes; do not take any actions that may impede, overburden or compromise the correct functioning or appearance of NumET; do not provide false personal information; make sure your contact information is always correct and up-to-date; do not encourage or encourage non-compliance with these Rules.

3- Third party rights

1. It is forbidden to publish or perform actions that do not respect the rights of third parties or the laws in force. 2. Any contents or information published on NumET can be removed if considered in violation of these Terms of Use or in the cases provided by law. 3. If we have deleted the contents because they did not respect the copyright of third parties, and you think this is an error, you can refer to point 5 of this Regulation (Dispute). 4. If a user repeatedly infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, we will disable his account in cases where we deem it appropriate. 5. If a user collects information from other users must obtain their permission, specifying that he / she is collecting information and explaining what information it collects and how it uses it. 6. It is forbidden to publish identity documents or confidential financial information.

4- Intellectual property

No rights are transferred to NUME with the publication of material on NumET. The intellectual property of what is uploaded remains entirely with the user.

5- Dispute

In the event of a dispute between the user NUME, refer to our Statute, art. 37: an Arbitration Board will be installed whenever it is necessary to settle any disputes between members and the Association and between the members themselves. This Board will be composed of three referees, of which two will be chosen by each of the parties and the third, appointed in agreement among the latter as President, will be chosen among people of high moral standing and expert in the subject to be treated. The decisions of the Arbitration Board will be binding and unappealable, unless the law provides otherwise. Under no circumstances will economic fees be granted for the conferral and performance of the arbitration appointment, which must be carried out only for free.

6- Resolution

1. A user shall be suspended in case of: clear, serious or repeated violation of these Rules or in other cases provided for by law. We will send him an email notification or we will notify him the next time he logs in NumET. If the user thinks his account has been disabled by mistake or wrongfully, please refer to point 5 (Dispute) and get in touch with us. 2. The user can choose to delete his account at any time. With account deletion, published content will be removed, such as uploaded documents and status updates.

...and now, enjoy it :)
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